Why a Blog?

Much more than a facebook, or instagram post

Thank you for clicking through to this page.  I’ll keep it short.  I decided on a blog so that I can host all our travels and adventures independent of any social media company to allow any and everybody to discover these trips. 

As you found this, that means I’ve paid the hosting service for up to another two years.

So enjoy!



My first flight occurred when I was a few months old.  My parents flew to introduce me to my grandparents.  I’ll freely admit I wasn’t a fan of flying when I was young.

However, something changed near the end of high school.  Suddenly I enjoyed the flight as it took me faraway places!

From there my enjoyment of flying grew.  When I was travelling extensively for work, flying became a place of solitude and rest.  Time away from the computer screen of work, and no forced social events to attend.

Since then I continue to look forward to the next trip, adventure or journey.


Little miss

One day she’ll write something…