2022.12 German Christmas Markets (Part 14) – Flight Amsterdam to Toronto

Our time away on vacation was coming to an end.  We had a non-stop flight home with Air Canada, from Amsterdam to Toronto.  This was excellent because even with Little Miss starting to recover having no extra connections or silly flight routing on our way home to use up her energy.

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2022.12 German Christmas Markets (Part 1) – Plan & Flight to Amsterdam

Why return to Germany to do the same thing?  To start, our adventure in 2021 was impacted by pandemic restrictions, so we didn’t have the full experience, and we had a return flight to Amsterdam that had to be used.  So let’s combine the two, and go.

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2022.04 Amsterdam weekend, Keukenhof and Rijksmuseum Part 1

A change in employer opened up the opportunity to do something that hadn’t happened since early in my career — travel around my birthday!  The only challenge was that I didn’t have a lot of vacation days, so this turned into a long weekend trip.  So, who doesn’t want to spend half their vacation traveling to go to Amsterdam?

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Air Canada Boeing 777-300 at a Vancouver International Airport gate

2022.03 Day trip to Vancouver

Travel had not yet returned because restrictions were still in place.  In response to that Air Canada, or Aeroplan, offered up ways to achieve frequent flyer status for 2023.  After some calculations, I realized I could achieve my goal by adding a round trip to Vancouver.  However, without vacation available, it was going to be a day trip!

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