Reference for 2018 trip

To provide clarity on the many posts about our trip to Australia and New Zealand, I’ve created this wonderful post to serve as a Table of Contents and reference card.  It will be updated regularly to provide links to all relevant content.

Let’s get started!

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Le Mans 2019 – CORvette corral

Two parts in here.  Many pictures focused on the Corvettes from across Europe and even USA that were on display at the Corral for the 2019 running of 24h Le Mans.  Second part is background on the corral (in case you are planning to attend).

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look back to 2019

  • Paris
  • Return to 24h Le Mans
  • Augsburg
  • NCM’s 25th Anniversary Road trip
  • Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

Happy 2020

Happy 2nd anniversary

I haven’t forgotten about this site!  With the start of 2020, that means this site is celebrating our 2nd anniversary.

I’m behind in posting the rest of the June trip, and will endeavour to get that posted soon.  Near the end of the summer we join others on a road trip to Kentucky, and before the year ended, we headed out to Nevada and spent a weekend learning how to drive.

As for 2020, we are off to several new countries!  In addition, we are planning to return to a few familiar places.

So now, it’s time to for me to get to work.