watching a Canadian

It was a quiet day.  We had planned to check out the Maritime Museum in the afternoon after lunch but that didn’t happen.  What did we do today?

Brunch at the movies

The Australian release date for Deadpool 2 was today.  It’s hard not to notice this movie is coming out here being in Sydney.  Ads for it are everywhere, such as this bus stop we’ve past 4 times since we arrived late Saturday.  So we went for the 11am showing.  Watching Deadpool this past Saturday during the flight in from Ayers Rock Airport was a good choice.  I recommend watching the original before you head out to watch the sequel to give your brain a quick refresher.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you liked the first, this won’t let you down.  If you don’t like sarcastic, self-aware, super-hero movies with lots of violence, skip it and wait for Incredibles 2, it’ll probably lack all of those and, still be great to watch and, it’s coming out in June.

Why no Museum?

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I haven’t been in tip-top condition for a few days.  Amber wasn’t comfortable with my approach of “it’s nothing, let’s continue”.  After a disappointing dim sum meal (yes, we found dim sum that wasn’t anything special) I did the smart thing and agreed to find a walk-in clinic.  The upside of our hotel’s location is that there was one right around the corner.  After a short visit we got confirmation of the obvious, it’s nothing yet, but if it changes then come back.  It better not, we’re leaving Sydney in just a handful of days.

I will admit having an afternoon nap back at the hotel was time well spent.

Tomorrow we’re on a mini-road trip.  We had two things planned but I forgot to read a calendar so we’ll only get to one of them.

2 thoughts on “2018 – Daily Update #32

  1. Sue Kuhne says:

    You need a good bowlful of homemade chicken soup, Carl. That cold has been hanging on for over a week. Get more sleep!
    Spring has blossomed here and the temperature is rising but still cool at night.
    Are the Australians as excited about the royal wedding as we are here?
    Please look after one another. Thanks Amber for steering him toward the walk-in clinic.

    • From the little bit of news we have watched there is interest in the wedding. The theatre is playing the wedding live on Saturday, however the arrivals start in Australia at 8pm local time.
      And yes, more rest certainly help me feel better today.

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