2018 – Part 74 – Australia to Canada via Europe

I freely admit that this route to Australia is not what comes to mind to North Americans, when you say you are flying to Australia.  For most people the route is westbound across the Pacific.  In our case, routing through Europe gave us the chance to do two things during our stopover.

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2018 – Part 73 – Singapore to Amsterdam

For the second time travelling between Europe and Australia I had a short stop in Singapore.  Sadly, it wasn’t enough time to leave the terminal, however there is much more activity at 11pm versus 5am.

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2018 – Part 71 – Bali

With just around 6 hours between our flights in Bali, we had one final debate of what to do as we left the aircraft and entered the warm humid [air-conditioned] area of Bali airport.  Enter the country and go exploring for a few hours?  Or transit immediately for our next flight and hang out in an leisure destination airport?

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