2023.04 Amsterdam and Berlin (Part 4)

We left late afternoon to drive to Berlin.  Being Easter Monday, traffic was okay, and we didn’t have any delays.  We arrived in the city as the sunlight was fading, headed to the middle of the city and easily found our hotel for the week.

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2023.04 Amsterdam and Berlin (Part 2)

We stayed one night in Rotterdam before heading to visit family for Easter.  The short train ride had us avoiding the extremely high hotel costs in Amsterdam.  Considering we didn’t have plans to visit anything in Amsterdam for the day, it was a chance to sample another spot in the Netherlands.

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2023.01 New York City and Caribbean Cruise (Part 2)

There is no shortage of hotel options in Manhattan, unfortunately that’s before you apply any budget filter.  My selection was influenced by the fact that I had achieved status with Hilton.  Location carries a premium, and at the time of booking somehow the Millennium Hilton New York at One UN Plaza was one of the more affordable options.

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2022.12 German Christmas Markets (Part 13) – HIlton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Upon arrival at the hotel, my plan to return the rental car to Dusseldorf and take the train back to Schiphol disappeared.  She was happy to not be in a car however balked at my attempt to leave her at the hotel for several hours while I drove and took a train.  After a call with the rental car agency, I was able to return the vehicle to their airport location at Schiphol, and gave me extra time to enjoy the hotel before our flight the next morning.

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2022.12 German Christmas Markets (Part 12) – Doubletree by Hilton Frankfurt Niederrad 

We left Nuremberg a day earlier than planned because once Little Miss learned of how much driving I had planned to tackle in one day, she was not on board.  And with me starting to recover she demanded it be split into two.  Our stop after the first day of driving was here, at one of the stranger hotels we’ve visited out of all our trips together.

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