Mont Saint-Michel

After sleeping in, our day no longer include the hour long commute to the Le Mans track. After attending the 24 hours of Le Mans I had two distinct thoughts:

We actually went to Le Mans!  (And had the race ended two laps before it actually did, Corvette Racing would have won their class)
The second was, I want to return. There are many elements and events that we didn’t see that is part of the Le Mans experience.

Floating above the surrounding farmland.

Once checked out, and filled with breakfast from a nearby café we had a leisurely drive out to Mont Saint-Michel.

logistics around mont saint-michel

Given the island was built long before the industrial era, the paid public parking is coordinated in a large area before getting close to the island and surrounding town. There are lots of signs, so the parking lot was easy to find.  Included in the parking charge is bus service to the island using a permanent bridge.

The buses are bi-directional that requires the driver to walk between driver seats that are on both ends of the bus. The downside of these buses is that not only do they lack air conditioning, but also the windows open by what felt like a micrometer.

Waiting for the bus for the return trip from the Mont.

With the hot weather continuing during our trip, the sun made the bus a standing room only sauna.
Other options are walking, and horse drawn carriage (additional charge).

Upon arrival at the Mont, you realize it is a wonderful sight. There are plenty of websites that will give you the time of tides if you want to visit when it is surrounded by water, we arrived during low tide and it didn’t diminish the imposing view the island provides.

Given this location has narrow walkways, is a religious pilgrimage site, and a popular tourist destination, expect the place to be packed. However the benefit to the narrow walkways is that it is easy to find shade from the sun if needed.

The weather was another hot day over 30C. We headed for lunch and tried to find the best mix of shade, quiet and a breeze to enjoy our lunch.

The location we selected wasn’t busy, and we quickly settled on our choices. Although my chicken dish wasn’t anything special, Amber’s bowl of tiny mussels was the single best serving of mussels she had had in her life. She continues to remark about them.
We did not attempt to make the climb up to the top given the heat, and that doesn’t discount what else you can see and do at lower levels as there is a chapel a modest way up the island.

After departing Mont Saint-Michel and the sauna ride back to our car, we thoroughly enjoyed its air conditioning as we traveled to Caen for the night.  The heat had successfully wiped out our energy and we had dinner in the attached restaurant, another French chain, that had an open grill where our food was excellent.

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