2018 – Part 20 – Exploring a bit of Melbourne

No road trip today.  Instead we had a day to explore the city while we transferred between hotels.  We had a morning flight the next day, and both of us didn’t want to have to get up any earlier than required.  So what did we do after check-out and before check-in?

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2018 – Part 11 – Journey to Canberra, the scenic route

Departing Katoomba

Filled from another buffet breakfast we packed up and checked out of the Carrington Hotel. While I was checking out, a fellow guest chatted with Amber where he remarked the placed had changed since he was here for his wedding, in 1947! I overheard the conversation and he remarked that after World War 2, things were taking time to get back to normal given all the demands of Australia to supply people and materials in the war effort. We wished him well and continued our drive on the Great Western Highway toward Bathurst.

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le mans saturday Race day!

Saturday felt like the hottest day of our trip, and we were about to spend as much time as possible of it outside watching the pinnacle of endurance racing. With giddy excitement, I couldn’t wait to head to the track to make sure no amount of traffic and crowds would make us late for the start of the race.

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