Geneva Ibis Styles

I had one night in Geneva before my flight to Lisbon.  To minimize the amount of travel to the airport, and minimize impact to my budget I stayed at the Ibis Styles.

Why not ibis budget?

There is both an Ibis Budget and Ibis Styles in the same building.  I didn’t stay at the budget as I wanted to have a hot breakfast at the hotel before the short walk to the terminal.  Also, the price difference wasn’t great enough to justify staying on the budget side of the hotel.


This Ibis is conveniently located near the airport.  It’s a ten minute walk along well marked walkways, from the arrivals area to the lobby.  The hotel is also directly connected to both the parking garage and the convention hall, Palexpo.  Upon entering the building, one side is the Ibis Budget, and the other side is the Ibis Styles.

As I arrived by car, the only way to access the hotel was to park in the Palexpo parking garage.  It was late on a Sunday night, so parking was easy to find, and signs for the hotel were well marked in the parking garage.

View from parking garage to elevators leading to hotel

Check-in was quick.  The front desk is linked between both side of the hotel enables the same employee to work both hotels.  Once checked in, and car emptied of all luggage I returned the rental car and made the return to the hotel by foot.  The walk from the arrival area to the hotel, without luggage was a comfortable 10 minute walk.  There is an elevator, instead of stairs to get to the walkway that goes over the road and towards the hotel entrance.


The hotel felt new, as the public areas, hallways and room were clean and nicks and scratches from past travellers weren’t visible.


The room was straightforward with built-up shelving around the bed instead of a separate dedicated closet.  I found the open shelves useful as I had to pack my luggage and having many spots to put all my things was handy.

The bathroom was in great shape, with hot water quick to arrive.  I liked the style of the tile surround in the shower as it gave a warmer feeling over traditional tilework.

The blinds and insulation worked great as I could not hear the aircraft, and was able to sleep in without challenge.


Morning meal is served in the main floor lobby.  Based on the time of my departing flight I was able to sleep in.  When I arrived, the area was quiet.  One unique feature that I saw for the first time was a make-your-own-boiled-eggs.  Something small, but it ensured my eggs were freshly made to my liking.

Overall, the stay was good and everything I needed.  Clean, quiet room, close to the airport, and a filling breakfast.  The best part was that the hotel included a free transit pass.  That enabled me to skip the 10 minute walk to the terminal complete with luggage.  The bus stop was close to the hotel entrance and after a couple stops came to a rest right at the airport.

From there it was time for my flights back to Toronto.

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